Happy New Year!

It seems that every year, we make resolutions and then - just as quickly - begin to break them!  My wish for you all is that instead of resolving to change yourself, you resolve to accept yourself.  We are all broken and I think that is what gives us our humanity.  i've heard a million motivational speakers say this, but I really do believe that you have to accept your own faults and limitations before you can begin to create change in yourself or others.  

It also seems to me that we are constantly wishing that we were different on the outside, without a lot of worry about the inside.  I'm as guilty as everyone else!  To actually become a better person would seem to be the best growth possible.  Read a book.  Watch a documentary.  Attend a play or musical.  Go for a hike in the woods.  Try something new.  Something that scares you.

My wife and I are feeling our advancing age.  Don't laugh.  Me more than her.  Obviously.  We have resolved to try and be healthier.  Not as a resolution.  Not because it's a new year.  We just made the conscious decision to try and fight off getting old.  We bought new bikes and have begun riding a good bit.  Then this new year happened and I started thinking about that.  Hopefully, this one decision will lead to many good thing for us - a better relationship, skinnier bodies, healthier diets, more friends, you know - all those things you make resolutions about!

My hope for you in this new year is that you live life to the fullest, enjoying the time that you are granted on this earth with your family and loved ones.  Do that and all your resolutions will fall into place.

Happy New Year! 

From my family to yours - Happy New Year!

From my family to yours - Happy New Year!

And now for something different...

     So I've redesigned the website and hope that you find it to be more easily navigated and much more informative.


    I want to take this opportunity to brag about my kids!  I coach the Mock Trial team at UTC and, of course, these young men and women become 'my kids'.  I'm very proud of them.  They recently competed at the MTSU Invitational against competition from such schools as Vanderbilt and Wake Forest.  One of our teams came away with a winning record and two members of our team won individual awards as a Best Attorney and Best Witness.

  If you are interested - and who wouldn't be? - you can read more about it here:


Let's Get This Blog Started...

So I have this website and it includes a blog and I have neglected it badly...  so here goes nothing.  I promise that I will hereafter endeavor to post regular updates and, hopefully, interesting stories.


 I want to thank everyone who voted in the Chattanooga Times Free-Press Best of the Best competition recently.  We were voted into the finals of Best Law Firm.   I am very grateful for your votes and for your confidence in trusting me to handle your legal matters.  I want to thank my staff - Jessi, Edna and Rachel - for treating our clients well and earning these votes.

 If you have a legal issue that you need help in handling, please call the office and make an appointment with Jessi to come in and discuss strategy.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!